Dr. Rittenhouse saved my life; I was 28 years old, had another kidney stone, went to ER for pain on a Monday. After calling multiple physicians, my Dad called Dr Rittenhouse’s office and they said they could squeeze me in the next day.

Long story short(er), Dr Rittenhouse did surgery to move the stone blocking my ureter, so my body could clear bacteria. I was discharged Saturday afternoon, back to my 3 jobs and working on my Doctorate by Monday.

Had I not been seen on Wed. and squeezed in on Thursday for surgery, I would have been dead probably Thursday or definitely Friday (which would have traumatized my students).

He and his staff have been wonderful; he is the only Urologist to continue treating me after a stone removal. He put me on medicine to prevent future stones. I have had to wait at times when he or Keith had something come up, but when they see me, they never rush me and always stay to answer any questions or concerns.

They give each patient the time and attention that they need, and if one patient takes longer than expected, I would rather wait a bit longer than have another patient be rushed through to keep the schedule perfectly on time. I know that this practice is well worth the wait!