Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that can happen to any man. It is the consistent inability to get or maintain an erection. Inability to do so is considered abnormal and different to other problems, like lack of sexual desire and issues with ejaculation or orgasm. Because erectile dysfunction can cause emotional and relationship problems, many men are afraid to seek help, as it leads to diminished self-esteem. However, this condition is mostly treatable and can often be overcome.

Who has Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)?

In the USA, about 5% of men who are 40, and between 15 and 25% of men who are 65 are experiencing this condition on a long-term basis. Around 30 million American men suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, erectile dysfunction is not normal nor is it an inevitable part of aging. For many men, drinking too much alcohol or being extremely tired can affect their ability to get erections from time to time. You shouldn’t worry if it doesn’t happen regularly.

What Causes ED?

Erectile dysfunction has several possible causes, and the majority of them are treatable. Over 80% of men suffering from ED can identify the cause as a result of a physical problem or disorder. Impotence can be caused by physical disorders such as an injury, a disease, an operation, and substance use. Men should not accept that erectile dysfunction is an inevitable consequence of aging; in fact, with proper diet and exercise, plus management of other diseases and conditions, erectile dysfunction should be a condition that can be avoided.

What are the Treatment Options?

There are a variety of treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Your doctor can discuss all of the options in more detail. The treatment options include drug therapy, non-drug treatment options, and more. Drug therapy options for ED can include oral medications as well as injections. Non-drug treatment options can include penile pumps and penile implants. Other treatment options can include lifestyle changes, testosterone, and intraurethral suppositories. All decisions regarding your best option for treating ED should be made between you and your physician after careful consideration.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

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