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Vasectomy in Fort Worth, TX

If you are at an age or point in life where you feel like children aren’t in the cards for you, a vasectomy can be a good procedure to prevent accidental pregnancies from happening. However, this decision is very personal and life-changing, so you should have a clear understanding what this procedure is and is not.

What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is where each vas deferens in the male reproductive system is surgically cut and sealed as a means of sterilization. It is just a minor surgical procedure and is meant to prevent your sperm from traveling from the testicle to the penis. This procedure is done in the urologist’s medical office.

During the Procedure

Before the vasectomy, the scrotal area will be shaved and wash thoroughly, then injected with a local anesthesia. This type of anesthesia will make it so that the area is numb and make you unable to feel sharp pain, but still be able to feel touch, tension, and movement.

After the Procedure

You can resume your regular sexual activities within a few days; however, the procedure is not effective immediately. You must come in at a later date for at least one semen analysis to get concrete proof of no active sperm in your ejaculate. You can still use contraception in the waiting period and there is no significant change to your semen after the procedure. Contrary to what some people believe about vasectomies, your ejaculation and orgasm are generally not affected, and uncomplicated vasectomies cannot cause impotence.

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